Do you want to hire any kind of  tools, equipment or personnel for any kind of job or project within or outside your locality, ranging from equipment or personnel for mining  projects, road construction, oil servicing to brick laying, house mopping, birthday, wedding needs  amongst many others? Search no more.  At the click of a button, you can locate suitable equipment, tools or workers/personnel closest to you for hire. Eniwok is an online meeting point for those who have them and those who want to hire them. We offer a high quality selection and an easy, trustworthy way of booking with the most modern and secured payment options. We serve to make life easier and happier for all our customers so that  every customer can book their choice equipment or personnel anywhere, any time.

Now, you can get busy and productive with your life. Eliminate the waste of your precious time and energy by traveling to and fro, looking for who will hire you or your equipment or who you will hire his workers or equipment to do your job.  Eniwok is a smart online market place for personnel and equipment listing and hire,  where you can do all of these in just two seconds. At Eniwok, you are either providing labour or equipment for hire or requesting for any of the services or equipment displayed in the online market platform for hire.
Eniwok is created by a team of experts with strongly worded contractual agreement to protect you in the market place. Anti fraud precautions   are also taken for preventive

Team Eniwok