Eniwok is a website that enables you to easily hire equipment or personnel of your choice anywhere you are.Job opportunities and equipment listed in the website are provided by people and companies who are committed to using the website to reach a higher audience. Eniwok brings together these job and equipment owners and those who need their services.  It is our hope that before year 2020, 70% of Africans must earn stable and sustainable income through the use of Eniwok website. Anyone, including Equipment and labour provider scan log into the website eitherto hire equipment or personnel or list their equipment and personnel for rent. Thus, Eniwok belong to everyone who is willing to be part of the community.

One of Eniwok’s targets is to get everyone busy and productive and eliminate waste of time and energy in looking for equipment or workers to hire or looking for who will hire your workers or an equipment you own. You are either providing services or equipment for hire or requesting for any of the services or equipment displayed in the online market platform for hire.
Eniwok is created by a team of experts with strongly worded contractual agreements to protect the two  parties in the market place. Anti fraud precautions are also taken for preventive measure.
Many industries, industrialist and individuals can meet their needs atEniwork. From the largest to the  least, including marine engineers, computer engineers, architects, civil engineers, house builders, computer  programmers, IT personnel, motor mechanics, hair dressers, house keepers, house cleaners, launderers, cobblers, bricklayers, security personnel, young graduates looking for jobetc.

Our Equipment ranges from cranes, bulldozers, stone crackers, oil drilling equipment, building equipment, to even hammers and wheelbarrow, etc. Log in to create an account
Companies registered under eniwork can also be used in any of the Eniwork projects in civil engineering, oil servicing, mining etc