Eniwok.com is a search engine that connects suppliers of equipment and personnel worldwide to their numerous hirers and users. 


There are fiveeasy ways you can find your products in eniwork.com as a hirer:
1. Go to the homepage menu. Click on Hirers on the menu. A dropdown menu will appear showing equipment or personnel. Click on either, depending on your need.
2. Or click on either Hire equipment or Hire personnel on the left of the slider on the homepage.
3. Or fill in the needed information on theright of the slider on the home page, which contains listing, pick up date, drop off date and location.   Under listing, click on the space. A dropdown menu will appear, containing: Equipment, Personnel or All listing.Click on any of the options depending on what you want. Next, enter information in the space provided for pick up date, drop off date and location. Finally, click …Find listing.
4. Or click on either Equipment Listing, Popular Listing or Personnel Listing on the second segment of the homepage
5. Or you can scroll down the homepage and go to find your listing bar. Click on find listing and run your cursor down the dropdown to select your needed product.

Once you have found your product, your will be asked to place an order for the product. In this way, the supplier will be contacted by eniwok.com on your behalf.

Once you have found your product your will be asked to place an order for the product. In this way, the supplier will be contacted by eniwok.com on your behalf. So, how does eniwok.com comes in?


  1. It is strongly recommend that you connect with your hirer or supplier througheniwok.com.Using eniwok.com platform will enable you to track your order and help to a larger extent in providing a refund in case of a dispute.
  2. Eniwok.com provides a standard guide and set of rules for effective contractual arrangement between the supplier and the hirer.
  3. Staffing. Eniwok.com staff are highly dedicated and the company provides one of the best customer care services in the industry who shall support you to have the best experience during your transactions.
  4. Alternative dispute resolution. The company boasts of one of the best dispute resolution platforms through their ADR branch.


Eniwok shall hand over all payments made through eniwok.com to the Supplier after 24hrs of receiving the payment as Eniwok is not a party to the transaction  but simply offering its search engine, payment link and safety guide for both parties (Supplier and Hirer). Thus, Eniwok is not a representative of either party. If there is any issues or defect with the Equipment, its installation or personnel, the Hirer should within 24hrs of receiving the equipment or services inform the Supplier through this website of such defect or anomaly.
If the hirer notifies the supplier, it is still important that he also notifies this website within 24hrs after the start date of the terms. The installation or Equipment or personnel will be deemed to be in perfect working condition for all purposes if no such notice is received from the hirer within 24 hrs after installation or shipment when no installation is needed.


Eniwok was created to give every one the opportunity to easily get the labour or equipment he or she needs and at the same time enable the person offer the labour or equipment he or she has to other people. Below are some of the opportunities in eniwok:

  1. Do you have any tool or equipment which is of good working condition BUT IS PRESENTLY NOT PUT TO USE?  This includes house cleaning equipment like washing machines, party equipment like cooling vans, industrial equipment like electricity generator, pumping machines, construction equipment like tractors, drilling equipment like stone crackers etc. Very simple. Go to eniwok and register as a supplier. In no time, you will begin to earn income from your already abandoned equipment.
  1. Are you an employer of labour who have labourers but no work? Or are you  a skilled worker who can work on contract basisor you are a trained personnel or a graduate who is looking for work? It is very easy. Register as a supplier in eniwok so that people can find you and engage your services.


  1. Or do you want to work as affiliate to eniwok. We welcome you. Contact us to see our robust affiliate reward package of which you can earn even when you are asleep.

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