How can I become supplier in Eniwok?
It is very simple. Go to the site and complete the sign up form.

How much does it cost to become an Eniwok supplier?
You are not required to pay any money to list your product in Eniwok and receive request from hirers. Eniwok receives a commission from the rentals you are granted through its network. Please contact us for our commission schedule.

How do I know when I receive a request from any hirer?
Simple. Eniwok will immediately contact you. We strongly advise that you send your quote immediately you are contacted by Eniwok.  Ensure that your product is available and in good condition.  If otherwise, please, notify eniwok immediately.

How do I enlist my equipment or personnel in
1. You must first register before you are able to list your product or services on the platform. This will enable you to read through the terms and conditions of your listing and get other instructional materials.
2. Go to the homepage menu. Go to signup and register.
3. On the signup form, under membership type, you can also click on (both). That will enable you to register as both a supplier and a hirer.
4. Click on Suppliers on the menu. A dropdown menu will appear under suppliers. Click on equipment or personnel, depending on the product or services   you want to supply.

How do you connect my personnel or equipment with hirers?
Eniwok advertises your company’s products and services through its numerousadvertisementchannels including social media, radio, television, bill boards, trade fair, newspapers and journals. This makes it easy for more  people to become aware of your products and services. They will have access to your profile which you created on joining Eniwokand which contains the specifications of your equipment or personnel and pictures of your products and services. Eniwok will notify you when the hirers make demand and you will be requested to submit your quote. When your quote is accepted by the hirer you will have a full detail of the hirers’ information. We advice that your quote should be reasonable and transparent without any hidden charges. The functionality and the worthiness of your product or service much be stated with preciseness and truth.

What are the terms and conditions biding this rental?
The terms and conditions governing your contract is the quote the hirer agrees to sign and Eniwok’s terms and conditions.

Can I contact customers directly?
Absolutely yes. However, you must wait for your quote to be accepted by the hirer and the rental contract is signed.

How do I contact eniwok?
Call our welcoming staff on duty at +2349022267307 ,+2348066561749 or you may fill the contact form.

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