What is Eniwok.com?  
Eniwok.com is a search engine that connects suppliers of equipment and personnel worldwide to their numerous hirers and users. Personnel can also be hired on permanent basis through eniwok. Therefore , job seekers can also take advantage of eniwok portal to connect to their choice jobs.

How does Eniwok work?
Joining Eniwok is very easy. If you find the personnel, tool or equipment you are looking for, go ahead and order for it. Ensure you schedule the time and place you need it. Go ahead and confirm your order and Eniwok will get in touch with you.

What of if I did not find my specification in Eniwok?
Some suppliers do not list all their specifications in the website. You are required to make a request for your specification in Eniwok, and we will connect you with the supplier immediately.

How much does it cost to join eniwok?
Joining or using Eniwok is free. You are only requested to pay the amount agreed upon in the contract.

When does my rental commence and end?
The rental will commence on the day you received your equipment from shipping carrier or you received your personnel from the supplier or on the day you pick-up your equipment or personnel if you are responsible to pick them up. The rental will end on the day the equipment is returned to the Supplier or the personnel is disengaged.

How long can I keep the equipment or personnel?
It depends on the quote you received from suppliers. It is expected that the quote will indicate how long the contract will last and what happens there after. In some cases, the supplier will prorate the contract so that even when you over shoot the contract period, you already know how much you will  be paying for the period the equipment or personnel stays with you.   However, some supplier indicate in the quote that the equipment or personnel should be returned on the agreed date and late fees may apply if hirer defaults.

What are the terms and conditions biding this rental?
The terms and conditions governing your contract is Eniwok’s terms and conditions which you signed at your subscription and the final quote you received from the supplier.

Is my name and contact information kept private?
Yes. Eniwok strongly respects the privacy of subscribers. Eniwok only gives your contact information to the supplier after you have accepted a quote and have signed a rental contract.

How do I find my choice equipment or personnel in eniwork?

You can do it in either of the following ways:
1. Go to eniwok homepage. Click on Hirers on the menu. A dropdown menu will appear showing equipment or personnel. Click on either, depending on what you need.
2. Or click on either Hire equipment or Hire personnel on the left of the slider on the homepage.
3. Or fill in the needed information on the right of the slider on the home page, which contains listing, pick up date, drop off date and location.   Under listing, click on the space. A dropdown menu will appear, containing: Equipment, Personnel or All listing.  Click on any of the options depending on what you want. Next, enter information in the space provided for pick up date, drop off date and location. Finally, click …Find listing.
4. Or click on either Equipment Listing, Popular Listing or Personnel Listing on the second segment of the homepage
5. Or you can scroll down the homepage and go to find your listing bar. Click on find listing and run your cursor down the dropdown to select your needed product.
When do I place my order?
Once you have found your product your will be asked to place an order for the product. In this way, the supplier will be contacted by eniwok.com on your behalf.
How long does it take to get rental quotes from suppliers when I make my offer?
Eniwok often ensure  that you get your quote  in 24 hours or less during normal business hours. However, we always  encourages all suppliers to send their quotes as soon as they receive the request from the Hirer.

What are the benefits of connecting your supplier through eniwok?

  1. It is strongly recommend that you connect with your supplier through eniwok.com. Using eniwok.com platform will enable you to track your order and help in a larger extent tofacilitatea refund when it is necessary.
  2. Eniwok.com provides a standard guide and set of rules for effective contractual arrangement between the supplier and the hirer in its terms and conditions of usage.
  3. Eniwok.com staff are highly dedicated and the company provide one of the best customer care services in the industry worldwide who shall support you to have the best experience during your transactions.
  4. Alternative dispute resolution.  The company boasts of one of the best dispute resolution platforms through their ADR affiliates.  Though we don’t always expect any dispute during the course of transaction as we hope to give our customers the best customer service protocol.

Is Eniwok a party to the contract?
No. Eniwok is not a party to the transaction. Thus, Eniwok is not a representative of either party. If there is any issues or defect with the Equipment, its installation or personnel, the Hirer should within 24hrs of receiving the equipment or services inform the Supplier through this website of such defect. If the hirer notifies the supplier, it is still important that he also notifies this website within 24hrs after the start date of the terms.

The installation or Equipment or personnel will be deemed to be in perfect working condition for all purposes if no such notice is received from the hirer within 24 hrs after installation, or shipment when no installation is needed. Eniwok shall hand over all payments made through eniwok.com to the Supplier after 24hrs of receiving the payment as Eniwok is not a party to the transaction but simply offering its search engine, payment link and safety guide for both parties (Supplier and Hirer)quiet enjoyment.

Who is responsible for damages?

The hirer has the responsibility to cover any damages, loss or theft of the equipment. Ordinary wear and tear is excluded from this responsibility. 

Who pays or transport the personnel or ship the equipment ?
We encourage the supplier to indicate who bears the cost of shipping or transportation of personnel on the quotes they send to Hirers. The supplier can exercise the option to separately  charge for shipping or include same in the total rental cost.

Who are Eniwok suppliers?

Eniwok Suppliers include business inclined individuals, business enterprises, and small, medium  and large companies who are in the business of providing personnel and equipment for hire through eniwok netwok.